We are nuns, Bhikkhunis with full ordination, Samaneries with 10 precepts and Mae Chiis or Anagarikas with 8 precepts. To make the 4 fold assemly complete, we have monks and male and female lay buddhists among our friends. We can, under the given circumstances, not live together in a big community but are living in different parts of the world - but closely related in heart/mind. What unites us beyond the distance is the practice of meditation, the trust in the Buddha and the Dhamma and the aim to leave suffering behind as soon as possible. We think that it is possible for anyone who practises according to the Buddha's Dhamma diligent, ardent and alert, to achieve freedom from suffering and by striving, struggeling, practicing, going forth and going through, we can inspire and encourage ourselves as well as others not to give up but to continue practicing and to be a better person tomorrow than we are today. We aim at living 'the holy life' as strict as possible but with great joy, with the 4 brahma viharas, loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity as guides for our minds and with the practice of vipassana meditation as our tools. May our paths of struggle and striving be an inspiration for many people to gain trust in the Dhamma.​​
The Dhammatāyana community
  1. Ayya Phalanyani Bhikkhuni
    Lives in Thailand, wat Pa Mieang Khun Pang, where she practices and teaches meditation.
  2. Dhira Bhikkhuni
    She ordained in June 2015 in Aneñja Vihara, Germany and is now living in Wat Pa Mieang Khun Pang together with Ayya Phalanyani.
  3. Samaneri Faa
    Novice Nun
    Samaneri Faa has ordained as novice nun in 2013, until now the conditions are not given that she can seek higher ordination. May this happen for her soon.
  4. Samaneri Maggadhira
    counsellor for cancer patients
    Anagaika Maggadhira lives in Vimutti Grove, Moss Vale, Australia and by voluntarily counselling cancer patients, she does a great service to the Australien community.
  5. Kathy
    temporary nun
    Mae Chii Kathy had ordained temporarily and meanwhile took off the robes and has gone back to laylife and work as a teacher of English for children. She took care of Khun Pang monastery with great care and we hope she will come back for retreats.
  6. Bhante Yasa
    Yes, monk, male. But we are not exclusive or misogynic. Yasa is monk in Sri Lanka and a great friend since many years.
  1. Naan Sii
    departed but not forgotten
    Our wonderful friend Naan Sii. He was a monk for long time. He was the reciting Layperson of our monastery but died of cancer. We miss him and are sure he had a fortunate birth. Khun Gaewat fills the place of the lay retiter during ceremonies.
  2. Mr. Waen Gaewat
    man for all cases
    Khun Gaewat is taking care of the monastery and its residents since many years. He helps whenever needed, constructs, repairs, drives, cuts garss.
  3. Community
    faithful to female monks
    Some of the people of Baan Khun Pang who share almsfood with the monastics every day.
  4. Masher Muffinsson
    temple guard
    Masher, the monasteries alpha dog and terror of other village dogs.
  5. Herkules, Hercky
    good heart
    The world's best dog.
  6. Manju
    sits on meditation cushions
    Brother of Trini, the monastery's cats.