The Dhammatāyana project
Please consider donating funds for the support of Bhikkhunis and their monasteries.
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Health fund
In some countries healthcare for monks is free, not so for nuns. Also many nuns live in places where healthcare is required but needs to be payd for. Please consider sponsoring for bhikkhunis health care.
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Khun Pang Monastery in Thailand
Khun Pang monastery is one of the few places that are really conducive to the practice of meditation, but to be useful for more practitioners we need funds to repair kuties and build toilets and a waterpurifier. Please consider donating for Khun Pang monastery.
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Vimutti Grove in Australia
Vimutti Grove in Moss Vale is a small place with one nun, Samaneri Maggadhira in residence, she is a concelour for cancer patience and teaches meditation to sick and dying people. She is doing this great work voluntarily and lives off donations. Since her main sponsor for the rented place died recently, please consider sponsoring her work and dwelling place.
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