Theri Gāthā

Suttas of, by or about women

Dhammatalks of female monastics

This links you to the verses of the enlightened nuns of the Buddha's time, the Theri gāthā.
We are preparing a blog with suttas about or of women. This is under construction, if you have any suggestio what should be added here, please use the contact form to tell us.
There are some great nuns who are teaching great, profound Dhamma. Here is the link where you find those talks. You input is welcome.

Ayya Phalañānī's teaching

Other teachers and places

Book reads and recommendations

There is not much teaching out yet because ayya is prefering the teaching one on one, when people come for a retreart. But what there is shall be linked here. 
A link to a list of other female teachers, monks, who welcome females and places where women can go on retreat. For more input, please contact us.
Books about the Dhamma or Vinaya written by women, monastic and lay. Please help us completing the list.