New Water System In Baan Khun Pang

Water Filter for the Monastery and Village

Mr. Tashiro is a Engeneer from Japan and was dragged here by his daughter Wilai. He expected to have a nice tranquil holiday from his hard work in Japan. One glance at our water system changed his mind and he spent his holidays to design a new system based on what material we have. Having a few days off now we hope Mr. Tashiro together with his daughter and grandchildren will come back safe to install the waterfilter.
We are fortunate at Wat Pa Mieang Khun Pang and Baan Khun Pang. Can't put it words, really.
Our water in Khun Pang came right from a mountain stream and was collected in 6 tanks located in the monastery. from there it was directed into the monastic dwellings and into the village where it supied every household.
Coming from the stream, the water is not clean. At times of rain, it would be dark brown and full of sediment. We filled the water into buckets, let the sediment settle and the boild the water.

These days are soon over.

As a surprise Khun Wilai Tashiro, with her father from Japan and some of her children came to our monastery Wat Pa Mieang Khun Pang and started working. First they repared the already breaking water tanks. This work is finished.

Next step will be to install a water filter in one of the tanks. Then the entire village including the monastery will have clean water.

Imagine how exited and how grateful we are. Speachless.